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We are a Christian community of adults dedicated to providing a family friendly atmosphere for gaming and fellowship for everyone.
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 Rules and Regs

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PostSubject: Rules and Regs   Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:31 pm

<br />By joining our company, you already agreed to these terms as they are listed in our Bio. Please be aware that by joining and staying in this company, you are stating that you identify with "who we are" as a company. If your actions fall within "who we are not", you will be considered for discharge from the company. By joining, you are also stating that you will agree to and will abide by the direction of the company's leadership.

a. No Cursing, foul language or name calling
b. No bullying
c. No harmful Slander of any kind (Ex. Members, Political figures, etc.)
d. No Racist jokes or comments
e. No Sexist jokes or comments
f. No harassment of any kind
g. No constant complaining, nagging and bickering (unless it's about the other team of course Smile )
h. Respect the direction and demands of the leadership team
I. Acknowledge that the Rules and Regulations may change or be amended at anytime in keeping with the needs of the company

Remember, this group is only as good as you allow it to be. Be intentional, participate, create events and interact.
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Rules and Regs
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